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The time for generated pop music is over LET THE PUNKS RULE

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So you are obviously into punk if you came across this community. This was created by two close friends b/c we were tired of only the world of generated music getting represented. So this is the perfect place to drop a line or two and talk about yopur favorite bands and to recommend new ones. Basically, a nice place to go when you want to learn about new music. I know at least one person moderator is new to the wonderful world of punk so lets teach her about some new crazy bands. This is the other mod...now I resent that. Wow we puilled a smeagol there didn't we. We're just here to make new friends who like the same music as we do.

If you need to contact us it is at
Therissa *the one who knows more than Janine thinks*...xthesithlordx
Janine *the one being resented at*...happyapprentice

The Ramones started it, Rancid perfected it, and Green Day bought it to the masses....